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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


research and resource [video]

-Check NYC for video databanks - looking for a film, silent, 1918 called "The Secret Code"
-[re]Read Lev Manovich's Database as Symbolic Form - In relation to the way in which I am considering to edit the collection of clips:

A collection of clips are pulled from popular film. The clips focus on the hands of characters knitting in film. The clips are assigned to a knit stitch (clip 1 = knit, clip 2 = purl and so on). The video as a whole is edited by following the patterm of a glove.
Structuralist film-makers of the 1970's used deliberate editing techniques (such as this) to create films. It is an attempt to avoid, transform and manipulate meaning that is derived from a series of images juxaposed to one another (such as in a film sequence).

In relation to "Cusp":
gendered labor
a gendered separation of labor - the separation of hand from body - the hands as a place of production
This needs to be written about...

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